Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is TeamCFA?

A: TeamCFA is a growing national network of tuition-free charter schools dedicated to the mission of student achievement, academic excellence, measurable results, and bringing school choice to more students and their families. TeamCFA supports the development of academically rigorous, financially sustainable TeamCFA charter schools by employing proven academic, business, and governance practices and leveraging the free market to support the broader school choice movement.

Q: What does TeamCFA stand for?

A: The acronym “team” stands for together each achieves more. In the spirit of teamwork, it is our belief that the success of the student takes the active participation, communication, and commitment of the teacher, student, and parent working collaboratively. To that end, each stakeholder formalizes this commitment by signing and upholding the Team Commitment contract. “CFA,” of course, stands for Challenge Foundation Academy.

Q: Who is the Challenge Foundation?

A: The Challenge Foundation is a private charitable trust founded in 1988. The foundation’s support of over 187 charters schools through $20M in grants brought about the development of a model school concept that provides every student with a first-class education. The Challenge Foundation lends its name, funding, and operating support to the schools in its network.

Q: How does a school become a Challenge Foundation Academy?

A: There are currently two ways to gain access to our network: start-up and conversion. Through the expertise gained in supporting charter schools over the last 15+ years, the Challenge Foundation has put together a school model based on best practices that were identified in the areas of academics, business, and governance.

Q: What is required for a start-up?

A: TeamCFA partners with passionate, committed educators, leaders, and community groups who are able to demonstrate support of the CFA model, and establish local need for under served students. TeamCFA offers start-up costs which may include the initial financing for facilities with the vision that a successful CFA will become self-sustaining in 5–7 years.

Q: What is required for a conversion?

A: Existing charter schools who share our vision of achievement, excellence, and measurable results and are interested in gaining access to our network of support in the areas of academics, business, and governance can inquire about converting to a CFA and finding a partner in education.

Q: How do students enroll in a TeamCFA school?

A: TeamCFA follows the federal guidelines for open enrollment. In other words, if we receive more applications than there are seats, all applicants are given equal chance of admission through a lottery process as outlined by the state. Additionally, TeamCFA does not discriminate based on disability, race, color, gender, national origin, religion, or ancestry.

Q: How do schools benefit from the TeamCFA network affiliation?

A: Schools that are established in our network gain access to a broad range of services, grants, staff advancement training, consulting, as well as personalized access to Core Knowledge. There are also opportunities for the collaboration of quality educators who share a vision for cultivating young citizens who are motivated and capable learners and leveraging their best practices to share across a thriving network.