Academic Resources

Parent/Guardian Communication

We aim to keep our parents and guardians continuously informed as to how students are progressing throughout the year. Several of the structures to support parents and guardians include:

  • Meet-the-Teacher/Back-to-School Fair: A chance to meet your child’s teachers in July before the school year begins.
  • Exhibition Nights: Quarterly, our doors will be open to parents and guardians as students will present their projects and work from the previous semester.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences & Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTTs): At least twice a year, parents and guardians will be invited to meet with their child’s teachers to learn more about how students are performing in school.

We look forward to working with parents and guardians as partners to support our academic program. If you’d like any more information, please reach out to Peter Boyle, Founding School Director, at (623) 249-3900 or

Homework Desk

Homework Desk provides online resources for parents/teachers to help identify new concepts in Math and English Language Arts (ELA). You can filter by grade or by topic or browse through instructional videos in the Homework Help section below. Their goal is to equip parents and teachers with the knowledge and support help your children with their homework assignments. Click here for help with homework from Homework Desk.