WSST Student Athletes Need Your Help

Sadly, over this past Winter Break our Athletic and STEM Programs from Western School of Science and Technology were vandalized. Someone broke into our Athletic and STEM storage sheds and took a big portion of our Athletic Equipment and STEM Tools. Every Sports program was impacted by this. The football team lost all their footballs, kicking tees, gloves, practice jerseys, junior high game jerseys, cleats, padded undershirts, and football girdles. The Volleyball teams lost game and practice balls and knee pads. The soccer team has no more soccer balls, goalie gloves, soccer cleats, and shin guards. The baseball teams helmets, gloves, and catchers gear was taken. Jerseys and equipment were taken from the cross country team, basketball team among other sports. Aside from Athletic Equipment our tools such as; screwdrivers, hammer, tape measures, levels, googles, and power tools such as drills were taken.

The person that took all these items did not just take these items from the school, they took it from our students.

Please help us save our Athletic and STEM Program by donating to this gofundme page or in person at Western School of Science and Technology.

Thank your for your support.